Quality Framework Resource Pack

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This Creative Health Quality Framework Resource Pack is a series of interlinked downloadable resources:

The Creative Health Quality Framework

The Creative Health Quality Framework is the main document that introduces the eight Creative Health Quality Principles and offers clear guidance on how to use these principles to deliver safe and effective projects.

You can read or download The Quality Framework as a single document with embedded links to all other documents in the Quality Framework Resource Pack. 

DOWNLOAD    The Creative Health Quality Framework

You can also separately download the other documents in the Resource Pack below.

Creative Health Quality Principles Poster

The Quality Framework Poster outlines eight Creative Health Quality Principles which drive quality and good practice, leading to improvements in participant experience and outcomes. While always fundamental to quality and good practice, these Quality Principles will be applied in different ways according to the context, aims, scale and duration of a project or programme.

The Creative Health Quality Principles are available to download as a poster that you can display in your studio, office or place of work as a visual reminder of the values that underpin this work.

DOWNLOAD    The Quality Principles Poster


Recommendations for Applying the Creative Health Quality Principles

The Quality Framework rests on the idea that quality is a shared responsibility – held by everyone involved in creative health, from participants and practitioners to funders and policymakers. It takes a collective effort from all stakeholders to deliver quality and good practice. Each of the eight Quality Principles therefore includes specific Stakeholder Recommendations.

DOWNLOAD    Recommendations for Funders, Policy Makers and Commissioners

DOWNLOAD    Recommendations for Creative Health Organisations and Partners

DOWNLOAD    Recommendations for Creative Practitioners


How to Use the Creative Health Quality Principles to Support Collaboration

This downloadable resource offers a range of ideas for how to use the Creative Health Quality Principles to support collaboration and a shared responsibility for quality. Use these ideas as inspiration and don’t be afraid to develop your own.

DOWNLOAD    How to use the Quality Principles to Support Collaboration


The Creative Health Quality Framework Spreadsheet

The Quality Framework Spreadsheet provides detailed guidance on how to implement each Quality Principle across the process of developing and delivering Creative Health work.

DOWNLOAD    The Quality Framework Spreadsheet


Links to Further Resources

The Creative Health Quality Framework sits alongside a wealth of other work in the field. Numerous materials are available to support the practical implementation of the framework, and we have provided relevant signposts to these where possible. We acknowledge that there will be additional resources we have missed and welcome feedback during the pilot phase to include them in the next iteration.

DOWNLOAD    Links to Further Resources