Creative Health Quality Framework evaluation

Providing Space for Reflection and Learning

During September and October of last year, the Creative Health Quality Framework was launched through a series of online sessions and through a workshop held during the CHWA conference.

Throughout the sessions, we received feedback that you felt the framework was thorough, colourful, clear, nuanced, and a useful tool for advocacy and collaboration.

Interestingly, you also shared with us that out of the eight principles, reflective and sustainable were principles which many individuals and organisations felt less comfortable with.

We also heard your requests about providing opportunities for people to come together to reflect and share how people from across the sector were applying the principles.

So, if you have been using the Creative Health Quality Framework and wish to share your experiences and learn from others, we’re running these two events on Tuesday 27 February and Thursday 7 March 2024:

We are able to support your time with a small fee of £50 if you are on low wage, unwaged or working freelance/self employed.

Please note, we will not be introducing the framework, this is a space for people to share how they are actively applying it and learning from each other. If you haven't yet begun to use the framework, this may not be the right session for you.