The LENs

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Mission statement

The LENs is a network of people who believe in the benefits of creative and cultural engagement to individual and collective wellbeing.

By working in partnership and acting as a critical friend, The LENs will champion access to creative and cultural opportunities for all. 

The LENs will work to ensure that the voices of those with lived experience remain at the heart of the arts, health and wellbeing movement.


Vision statement

Every member of society will understand that access to creative and cultural opportunities is important for individual and collective wellbeing.


  1. To advocate for the value that creative and cultural engagement brings to health and wellbeing through all of life’s stages, for everyone
  2. To ensure that the voice of The LENs is central to the development of policy and legislation and the models of creative health and wellbeing within health and social care, criminal justice and wider community contexts
  3. To empower people to share their stories about creative and cultural engagement for health and wellbeing to build a compelling evidence base  

The LENs Co-Directors

The Lived Experience Network (LENs) has three Co-Directors who are supporting the LENs Steering Group to realise their vision 

Explore the LENs Perspective on Covid-19

LENs Champions from across the country have shared their perspectives, insights and responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, reflecting on their lived experience and the using creativity to connect with others in this challenging time.

Be a LENs Regional Champion

If you have lived experience and are interested in becoming a Regional Champion, you can find out more information by downloading the document below. Alternatively, email us at

Read former LENs Director Mah Rana's piece, "Healing Hands", in the June 2021 issue of Crafts - the Crafts Council's magazine

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