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The 2024 Everyday Creativity Conference is an opportunity to share understandings and ways of working with/for everyday creativity (EC).
With a general election coming up on July 4th, we are keen to make sure that candidates are aware of Creative Health and the benefits it can bring across a range of policy areas.
Civil society is calling on government to address long-term crises in health and social care in various ways:


It's Pride Month and to celebrate, we're sharing a small selection of LGBTQ+ creative health programmes and projects around the country.
For over a year CHWA has been trialling payments for freelance and low/un-waged colleagues when they contribute their expertise to help develop CHWA's work. After positive feedback from members, this has now been formalised and signed off as a Policy as part of our Equality Action Plan.
UCL established the world’s first Masters in Creative Health in 2021. The programme, now in its third year, seeks to create a new generation of socially engaged scholars and practitioners to meet the needs of a changing health, social care and voluntary third sector, where integrated care, health inequity and the patient experience are mainstreamed into public health.

Stories of lived experience

an abstract digital artwork with a dark background featuring bright prin, blues and fine points of yellow light in the centre
‘Untitled’ By Casey Francis (Mad Truth)
...through creativity we can transform adversity to beauty and in the process transform ourselves. We can create our own lives as if we are creating a work of art. Instilled within all of our experience are layers of meaning, understanding and connection. Art is empathy, it is communication. Art allows us to step outside of ourselves, and see something inside that we could not recognise because of our external circumstances, our pain, our fear, our doubt.
Venn diagram showing the intersections of 'queer, 'creativity' and 'health'
Illustrations by MJ Barker
What would it mean to ‘queer’ creative health? Why might we need to, and, if so, how? I was given the opportunity to first delve into these questions through a PhD scholarship I completed in 2019. My literature review explored longer histories of the field of Arts in Health as part of exploring its relationship to people and place.  
Tina Blaber with guitar against a wall
Tina Blaber
Our existence is embedded in culture – it’s all around us – and I think the need for this, as social creatures, is an inherent part of our make-up, as human beings.

A Day in the Life

An olive skinned woman with dark, curly, brown hair wearing a bright fushia dress sitting on a blue chair outside smiling
Lydia is a multi-disciplinary artist and activist based in London, who's work focuses on building life-affirming relations and systems through radical creativity and collaboration.
close-up photo of a person with medium-length blond hair smiling ino the camera with a door frame behind them
Louise Campion is Head of Learning & Engagement at the Holburne Museum in Bath and the new Project Lead for our Working Together Programme in collaborations with GEM (Group for Education in Museums). Find out what a day in her life looks like.
B&W photograph of a white woman with long mousey blonde hair smiling sitting in a chair
Alexis Butt has recently joined our team of Regional Champions, with over 20 years experience of working in arts and culture and currently working as a General Manager for the NCCH, she shares what a typical day for her looks like.


Image featuring the same information as in the text on a coloured background
The National Organization for Arts in Health is pleased to invite presenters to submit a proposal for the fifth annual second virtual national conference, The Art of Resilience on October 19 – 21, 2021.
Hear and Now 2019 in Bedford, co-produced by Orchestras Live and the Philharmonia Orchestra © Beth Walsh
Hear and Now 2019 in Bedford, co-produced by Orchestras Live and the Philharmonia Orchestra © Beth Walsh
An invitation on behalf of the international Music for Social Impact research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to participate in a survey of musicians in all pa
a woman discusses a picture at the Crocker Museum with a group of seated women
Crocker Museum, Sacramento, California
Seeking participants for new online study to find out.