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Courtney Spencer

Each region is represented by two champions: one from the museums sector and one from the arts sector, each working with health and wellbeing. The regional champions are working with the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance in a voluntary capacity. Become a member and join the conversation.

Sue Mackay, regional champion for Yorkshire and the Humber
Sue Mackay

Sue Mackay
Collections and Programming Director, Thackray Medical Museum

Deborah Munt, regional champion for Yorkshire and Humber
Deborah Munt

Deborah Munt
Director of Ministry of Others and Co-Director of Three Ways East

Creative Well: A self care programme for culture, health and wellbeing practitioners in Yorkshire & Humber

During our Yorkshire and Humber fortnightly check ins many important issues have been surfaced, including the emotional labour involved in all of this and the toll that it takes.  We know, of course, that support for professionals in the field is often lacking....particularly the affective support relating to moods, feelings and attitudes that is highlighted by Nicola Naismith in her Practising Well report.

In response to this we would like to offer a small number of professionals working in culture and health the opportunity to participate in a pilot self care programme over the coming months with integrative art pyschotherapist Roshmi Lovatt.
The Creative Well programme
Are any of these familiar?

  • Having conversations with people experiencing distress or difficult emotions
  • Feeling your work is not valued, affecting your feelings of self-worth
  • Lone working and isolation in organisational settings
  • Dealing with feast and famine in the ‘gig economy’
  • Struggles with emotional labour, sense of responsibility and boundaries

*** Deadline for applications Monday 3 August, 2020***

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