Putting Creative Health on the map

Creative Health Hub map
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Can you help us shape how culture and health work is developed and scaled across health and care partners within an Integrated Care System in Yorkshire and Humber?

We need a little of your time, a few of your facts and a dose of your quality thinking.

The National Centre for Creative Health (NCCH), formed in response to the 2017 Creative Health report, sets out to foster the conditions for creative health to be integral to health and social care and wider systems.

It is currently delivering a programme of Creative Health Hubs in partnership with NHS England and 4 Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), to explore models for doing this.  The idea is that, through learning within the hubs, pathways can be forged to more ambitious, strategic, and intentional planning of culture-based approaches to health and wellbeing.  If 4 Integrated Care Systems can do it, then perhaps the other 38 across England will also get on board. 

In Yorkshire and Humber, we are fortunate to have one of the four hubs in our midst.  The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Integrated Health and Care Partnerships (WYHICP) is already pioneering in this work and wants to go further.

Ministry of Others has been commissioned by NCCH and WYHHCP to capture learning from existing work in the ICS footprint (and beyond where exceptional ground-breaking practice is happening) and consider how work could be scaled, replicated, and developed over the coming years.

NCCH and WYHHCP are taking an important step with this work, and we need your help to inform future planning, advocacy, and ambition. 

How can you help?

  • Are you doing some work that is big on innovation? 
  • Are you delivering health and wellbeing benefits in clinical or social settings?
  • Maybe you have found a useful commissioning method or have great partnerships? 
  • Perhaps you’re forging new paths in personalisation or social prescribing?

We would like you to put your work on the map.

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How to put your work on the map!

We know that everyone has a favourite way of communicating as well as precious little time, so we have set up a way for you to put your work on the map in a way that suits you. 

Our Padlet map allows for all kinds of contributions:

  • Make a short video/voice recording telling us all about your work.
  • Add a project description and photos.
  • Add documents, links, audio etc.
  • You can even get creative and draw freestyle if you like!

AND you can geographically pin all of this on the map to show your location.  It’s simple and intuitive to use. Simply click on the + icon on the map above and get started.

You can find a full length ‘how to’ guide here.

Over time the map will build and anyone with the link will be able to see it develop. 

**Please do be as honest as you can with your contribution, but please bear in mind that the map is a public document** 

What do we want to know?

Please do tell us:

  • What you are doing and who with
  • What you think is particularly special about the work – share your enthusiasm for it with us
  • What health and wellbeing outcomes you are working on and how you know it’s working
  • Who your partners, commissioners and funders are

We may well have some follow up questions but we can contact you directly afterwards.

You can find out how this information will be used here.