CHWA Yorkshire and Humber Covid-19 Response

Creative Directions - group discussion
Doncaster Community Arts

Are you part of the culture/health/wellbeing sector in Yorkshire and the Humber and looking for ways to connect?

Join us for the 'Tea &...' fortnightly gatherings via Zoom to meet and explore common challenges and share reflections amidst the Covid- 19 crisis

Bring your cuppa and whatever else!

Thursday 7th May, 21st May , 4th and 18th of June, from 3.15pm

Here are a few words from the CHWA Regional Champions, Deborah Munt and Sue Mackay, about why they feel it is important to bring people together at this time...

As the regional champions, at CHWA, we have been wondering what we might be able to do to help. We are conscious that there are online resources galore out there and that no matter what your circumstances we all have our version of a struggle. Some have never been busier...others had their work whipped away in the blink of an eye...and everything in between. The state we are in now and for a good while to come will be messy and complex and hard, yet it also has the potential to provoke transformation, connection, innovation and ideas that are radical and beautiful. And the culture and health sector will absolutely respond.

So we wondered about creating a space to connect (online of course) every couple of weeks for anyone who fancies it or needs it. We have no agenda...we thought it might initially be a space for us all to check in with each other, share and capture what we are doing (or not), air the things that are coming up for us (or not) and generally provide a space to breath and hopefully be energised. If you then want to talk about specific topics or issues (how do we support each other?...funding pipeline...the pressure of is culture useful right now?...take your pick) or make particular plans ( sector response to Covid 19...campaigning for our rights now and after), then we can do that too.

Meeting Notes

Thursday 7th May

Thursday 21st May

Thursday 4th June

Thursday 18th June