The Practising Well Conversation Series with Nicola Naismith

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Nicola Naismith

Nicola Naismith’s new research Practising Well Conversations and Support Menu published in January 2022 explores the working conditions for creative practitioners. She shares,

"This is a critical time, creative practitioners will be living and processing their own experiences of recent seismic events whilst supporting others through participatory arts offers. A culture change is needed in the participatory arts sector to ensure creative practitioners are consistently supported in the work they do."

In this series of conversations, curated by Nicola and the Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance, we bring together new research and examples from practice alongside an opportunity to meet with peers and explore what it means to practice well.  

These events are free and supported by funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Thursday 10 February, 1- 2.30pm - Practising Well Conversation 1:  Nicola Naismith with Alex Evans (Kazzum Artsbook here

Thursday 24 February, 1- 2.30pm -  Practising Well Conversation 2: Nicola Naismith with Roshmi Lovatt (Integrative Art Therapist & Creative Well Programme), Tracy Breathnach ( How Ya Doing?  Programme Manager, Wales Arts, Health & Wellbeing Network) and Alistair Gentry (Artist and activist) book here

Thursday 10 March, 1- 2.30pm - Practising Well Conversation 3: Nicola Naismith with Daniel Regan (Artist and Arts + Health Hub), Arji Manuelpillai (Artist) and Chris Stenton ( People Dancing) - book here

Practising Well Conversations & Support Menu Report 2022

Building upon the Artists Practising Well report from 2019, The Practising Well: Conversations & Support Menu research project was supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council via Clore Leadership.

Click on the link below to access the full report, summary and slideshow presentation.

Speakers for Practising Well Conversation 1, Thursday 10 February 1-2:30pm

Nicola Naismith

Nicola Naismith is a visual artist, researcher, coach, mentor and Higher Education lecturer with over 20 years experience of working in the arts. She explores topics of value, labour, the workplace and wellbeing at work through self-initiated collaborations and by working to commission. Nicola completed a Clore Fellowship in 2018, this was followed in 2019 with her research report Artists Practising Well. The follow on research to this - Practising Well: Conversations & Support Menu - was published in January 2022.

Alex Evans

Alex Evans is an Artist whose practice encompasses drawing, performance and social engagement, working locally, nationally and internationally.

In his current role as the Artistic Director of Kazzum Arts he leads a multidisciplinary team of artists to support children and young people facing adverse childhood experiences within hospitals, schools and refugee settings.

He originally studied Drama at The University of Hull and Theatre at Wimbledon School of Art. He has since gained a qualification as a Child Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioner with the Institute of Art in Therapy and Education.