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Sunita Thind
Sunita Thind

My Story

My name is Sunita Thind, I am 37 years old and was told I had Ovarian Cancer in March 2016 by Dr Asher at Derby Royal Infirmary.

I am an Ovarian Cancer survivor and in 2016 I had 11 litres of fluid, one 9cm cyst and my ovary removed. I then had 6 rounds of chemotherapy with the drug Carboplatin.

I have had two cystectomies. The first one was in May 2018 with one round of fertility treatment. This happened at an age which is quite rare in woman under 50.

I now have cancer in my second ovary and need surgery to remove my only ovary. I have had eight eggs frozen, but I will need hormone therapy as I will go into early menopause. I am devastated and I am having mental health counselling, but I am happy to do not need a hysterectomy yet.

I am a published poet and have had The Barging Buddhi and Other Poems, a debut book published on multicultural poetry by Black Pear Press and I have secured another publishing deal for a new release this year. 

Writing poetry and prose and stories is free, fulfilling, psychologically releasing and cathartic. It allowed me to express my emotions, feelings, negativity and stress and I was able to create something beautiful through my poetry anthology. You can take all that negative energy and channel it into something exquisite that is expressive like a poem, story, song or piece of art.

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