Denmark's 'Kulturvitaminer', and the Aalborg Dementia School

The World Economic Forum journal has reported on Denmark's new 'culture vitamins' scheme to address depression:

Depression affects 300 million people across the globe and is the leading cause of disability worldwide according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It costs the global economy $1 trillion every year but fewer than half of those affected receive any treatment.

So Denmark is trying a different approach: People suffering from depression are encouraged to take part in cultural activities. They call it Kulturvitaminer – “culture vitamins” – and it is being trialled in four cities.

The scheme takes place in Aalborg, Vordingborg, Nyborg and Silkeborg, and includes group singing, visits to galleries and museums, reading sessions, and walks by the sea. You can read more here, and watch a video from Aalborg here. Alison Ward's blog on her Churchill Fellowship travels to Denmark (for Age of Creativity) reports on the Aalborg Dementia School - which has developed classes "specifically aimed at supporting people with dementia, who attend the school as students. The students with dementia take part in a range of different classes, including: cognitive training, music and art therapy and physical exercise".