Sustainable practice in mental health and the arts

image of an empty and partly broken eggshell
Just bounce back i by Sue Flowers 2020

The Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance led a 6-month project in 2021-22 funded by the Baring Foundation, to understand how we might help more people and organisations survive and thrive in mental health and the arts. Our advisory group is drawn from organisations around the UK using a range of approaches. The final report and recommendations can be found here.

Advisory Group

Angela Awuah, Mental Health the Arts and Paul Hamlyn Foundation (London and South East)

Kiz Bangerh, Hip Hop Heals, Lapidus and the LENs (West Midlands)

Helen Boutle, Creative Recovery (Yorkshire & Humber)

Sue Flowers, Green Close and LENs (North West)

Sandra Griffiths, Red Earth Collective (West Midlands)

Terry Hayden, LENs (London) 

Daniel Regan, Arts & Health Hub (London)

Tim Sayers / Sallie Varnam, Brightsparks (East Midlands)

Mark Smith, Green Ribbon Arts Festival, Mental Health Foundation (Wales)

Katey Warran, MARCH Network, and Arts Culture Health & Wellbeing Scotland Board member (Scotland)