Mental health in the cultural sector

Creative Freedom has published a Manifesto for Mental Health in Arts Professional to address the difficulties of maintaining mental health in creative and cultural careers. Colin Beesting, founder of Creative Freedom, says

"The research that exists shows that mental ill-health is having a real impact on our sector. In 2015, around 20% of the 5,000+ respondents to a survey carried out by Arts Minds revealed that mental health problems had an impact on their career. In October 2018, ArtsProfessional highlighted a report on cultural leadership, revealing that burnout is a serious concern that affects cognitive functions such as creativity, problem-solving and memory. These are all risk factors for mental ill-health."

The Manifesto:

  1. Every organisation should have mental health first aiders to support their employees and others who work with the organisation.
  2. Every organisation should commit to talking positively about mental health and removing the stigma.
  3. Workplaces should be vigilant for the warning signs of mental ill-health and offer support to those displaying them.
  4. Workplaces should develop strategies to minimise the risk factors for mental ill-health.
  5. Workplaces should provide support and guidance for those experiencing mental ill-health.

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