GEM Case Studies #29, Health and Wellbeing

Engagement with museums, heritage sites and other arts and culture organisations has been linked to improved health and wellbeing outcomes for visitors. Studies commissioned by the DCMS, Heritage Alliance, Arts Council and other sector organisations have particularly highlighted benefits for children’s social development, memory function in older age, and wellbeing improvements in adults. Art Fund’s Wellbeing report reveals that people who visit museums and galleries report a greater sense of satisfaction with their lives than those who have never visited.

This issue will seek to highlight examples of sustainable learning and engagement opportunities within museums, heritage sites and cultural settings that seek to improve health and wellbeing for visitors. As we step out into a world permanently changed by a global health crisis, it is crucial that our sector rises to the challenge of helping to transform people’s health, wellbeing and outcomes for the better. Featured Case Studies will provide inspiration, motivation and key learning takeaways for other sector organisations seeking to explore this opportunity, as well as creating space to reflect on what we can do better.

We thank the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance (CHWA) for their input and support for this issue of the GEM Case Studies.

Submissions for GEM Case Studies #29 Suggestions are now open. Please submit your proposal using the template below to, before 4 March 2022.

Case Studies Submissions Template