Day in the Life: Amarno Inai

Amarno Inai
Amarno Inai

Earlier this month, we caught up with Amarno Inai, a visual artist with lived experience from Birmingham. Listen to excerpts from our Zoom chat below, as Amarno shares how he started to make the connections between his own creativity, mental health and recovery and how these experiences are inspiring him to work with his community and bring about change.

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Amarno Inai is a self-taught visual artist with an interest in exploring how art communicates the human experience. His work is informed by existential questions, world philosophy, culture and events. Themes that explore the subconscious, the Occult, symbolism, allegory and surrealism. 

Recently Amarno Inai has completed an exhibition titled KATHARSIS which explored his personal journey with mental health and men of black Caribbean heritage. 

To learn more and see artworks from KATHARSIS click here

Amarno is also a student at The University of Birmingham studying International Relations and Development