Guest blog: Multiple Shenanigans - the podcast

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Lytisha and Jeanette discuss making their podcast "about the funny side of life with MS"...

How has this podcast affected your wellbeing?


This podcast with Jeanette has felt empowering. I hadn’t realised how little I talk about my MS, and the effect it has on my wellbeing. I am really enjoying our discussions and finding the humour in the situations that perhaps other people don’t find themselves in. Unpacking some of those scenarios through discussion, finding that you are not the only one, leaves me feeling more positive.


I have found that us setting up the podcast has been really liberating. Getting to chat about MS with Lytisha, someone who understands, but is happy to laugh about it, makes it feel like we are part of a team.

It's like we are taking ownership of the situation and we’re saying ‘we’ve got this!’

It has also connected us to a wider MS community and we've had some lovely feedback from fellow MSers who have enjoyed our videos and can related to what we are chatting about.  If Multiple Shenanigans can help somebody who might feel like it is only them experiencing a particular 'MS problem', whilst at the same time entertaining them and making them laugh, then that is our mission accomplished!

How do you choose your topics?

We pick a colour, then pair it with a word selected at random from the book above Lytisha’s computer. We dress in the colour and see if any stories emerge from the outfits we are wearing, then turn our attention to the random word to see what MS related stories we have to share. It’s amazing how well it works!

Do you have guests?

We do. Occasional guests are invited, generally people living with MS, and we all chat together. If you are interested in participating, please do get in touch via:

Lytisha Tunbridge and Jeanette Bird-Bradley host Multiple Shenanigans a regular podcast that can be found here.

They also have a facebook page that they regularly forget to update.

Lytisha and Jeanette have put a "best-of" compilation together here:

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