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Each region is represented by two champions: one from the museums sector and one from the arts sector, each working with health and wellbeing. The regional champions are working with the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance in a voluntary capacity. Become a member and join the conversation.

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Leanne Macdonald
Health and Wellbeing Programme Coordinator
Canterbury Museums and Galleries

Jo White - South East

Jo White
Director, Wishing Well Music in Healthcare

Events and activities

Creativity & Wellbeing Week 2022 Spotlight: South East

Looking for ways to promote your activities or organisation as part of Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2022? Find out how artist and LENs Champion, Vikki Parker, is working to join the dots.

Brighton Creative Wellbeing Week 2022

The Brighton Creativity & Wellbeing week has been curated in support of the national Creativity & Wellbeing week, organised by London Arts in Health & Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance.

Health & Wellbeing in Museums Toolkit

The Beaney has launched its new "Health and Wellbeing in Museums Toolkit" which includes a step by step process for setting up wellbeing activities in a museum.

You can download it for free here

How Museums Make us Happy: Talking Heritage with Frances Chiverton, Health and Well-Being Coordinator at Canterbury Museums and Galleries

The ‘Talking Heritage’ series, curated by Canterbury Museums and Galleries, gives an insight to the roles of staff and what they get up to behind the scenes to deliver the museums service. The series aims to serve as a useful resource for those interested in heritage work as well as hopefully demystifying what ‘museum folk’ actually do!

This blog features Health and Well-Being Coordinator, Frances Chiverton, about her path into heritage work and how museums really can make us happy.