Special Interest Groups

This is a space for groups that coalesce around particular areas of interest within culture, health and wellbeing. This is a new area for us and this part of the site will take time to develop as people consider themes they feel need support.

Network for Arts in Hospitals

The Network for Arts in Hospital is a national membership organisation of NHS managers and professional leads who are involved in the leadership and delivery of Arts, Heritage and Design services across NHS hospitals. The purpose of the group is to share best practice, to find solutions and offer support to those working within this field of healthcare. We aim to raise the profile of our profession, strive to improve and standardise our approaches to working and to instigate innovative projects that celebrate the arts across the NHS.

Singing for Health Network

The overarching aim of the Network is to bring Singing for Health intelligence under one roof and forge closer links between research and practice. There will be opportunities for connection, collaboration and development of skills and knowledge through online content, training and events. It offers an opportunity for people to come together in a positive, supportive virtual environment where the sharing of ideas and experiences is valued and encouraged.

Age Friendly Museums Network

The Age Friendly Museums Network believes that older people and museums enrich each other.