The Art of Wellbeing

Flyer for the Art of Wellbeing

As part of Creativity and Wellbeing Week, this symposium will explore the meeting places between the culture and health sectors, with a focus on wellbeing.

The event will put the relationship between collaborative and participatory art and the wellbeing of individuals and communities under the magnifying glass. Does working collaboratively with people to choose and create art that is of, with and by their community have a lasting impact on wellbeing? What about art's capacities to unsettle and challenge? Can art really make people feel better?

If you are thinking about participatory approaches to culture, place and wellbeing, The Art of Wellbeing will give you the opportunity to debate these questions, reflect on recent practice, and to think about how we evidence and describe the impact of this work.

There’ll be a mix of provocations, discussion sessions and case studies led by artists, health professionals, participants and researchers. Conversation, debate and the exchange of learning will be at the core of the event. Themes will include:

  • Current creative practice – who’s pushing the boundaries of this work?
  • Artist or social worker? Responsible commissioning and how to meet the needs of artists in the arts and wellbeing field.
  • Is it the role of the arts to deliver a health and wellbeing agenda?
  • Innovative collaborations outside the cultural sector
  • Impact of recent policy and research on practice
  • Developing the tools and evidence base to measure impact

The full programme will be announced shortly.

Who is it for?

  • Organisations and practitioners interested in participatory practice and the wellbeing of individuals and communities
  • Artists interested in participatory practice
  • People working for and with Creative People and Places projects
  • Others interested in creativity and wellbeing practice and/or place-based approaches

What will delegates get out of attending?

  • Connect with speakers and practitioners in the sector and get up-to-date with current conversations on creativity and wellbeing practice
  • Build relationships with like-minded people and develop new networks
  • Explore a range of topics through talks, workshops and discussions
  • Get up to speed with current research, policy and measurement tools
  • Share your expertise - there will be opportunities for you to share your perspective

How much are tickets?

  • Standard delegate ticket: £65+VAT
  • Freelance / independent / student delegate ticket: £30+VAT (there are 20 available on a first come first served basis)