Accelerator programme

CHWA is leading a consortium with London Arts in Health, Arts & Health South West and the NPAG for Arts, Design & Heritage in Healthcare as part of the Julie’s Bicycle Accelerator programme (you can read about it here) – which aims “to advance …sustainable practice and share insights with peers and the wider sector”.

We are working with independent researcher Frances Northrop to find out more about organisations who are making connections between creativity and cultural engagement, the climate and environmental crisis, and health and wellbeing.

We want to use this information to help us understand more about what’s already happening, amplify this work across our networks, and work up to a larger project to support more work in this area.

visual representation of links between creativity, health and climate

This work follows on from our Climate Award 2020. The basic aims are to

  • catalyse innovation in our sector
  • develop our intersectional understanding of creativity and culture, health and wellbeing, and climate and economy
  • offer funders and commissioners a vision of what is possible if barriers are removed

This is part of a longer-term stream of work for CHWA but we imagine two initial phases in parallel

  1. Desk research into literature and programmes of activity
  2. Explore existing work in the culture, health and wellbeing sector; in particular assessing barriers and facilitators for work that seeks to address climate change and environmental degradation

We have six existing case studies – the shortlist for last year’s Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance Climate Award: Courtyard Centre for the Arts, Look Again, rb&hArts, Roots & Shoots, the Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up, and Think & Do. We will build on these with interviews with six organisations around the UK. The interviews will be split between community-based practice and hospital-based practice.

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