CHWA 2020 Climate Award

We joined forces with the Happy Museum Project and Culture Declares Emergency to celebrate the culture, health and wellbeing sector’s progressive work to address climate change and inspire future action. This award aims to recognise the innovation and impact of a project or programme that is leading by example in caring for people, place and planet and responding to the threat of environmental and ecological emergency. 

Drawing on principles from the Happy Museum Project and the Culture Declares Emergency movement, we were looking to hear from projects/organisations that are recognising the connection between climate, health and creativity/culture. Submissions could include projects that link mental health, climate justice and creativity, for example - or challenge air pollution in a cultural setting. They might be about building “safe and brave places”, grassroots movements or internal campaigns that are raising awareness, or organisations instigating systemic changes in approaches to procurement, commissioning and selection of work and resources.

Judges: Hilary Jennings (Happy Museum) and Tony Butler (Derby Museums)

Camden Think&Do

The Camden Think&Do Pop-Up is a collaborative action hub where citizens, council workers and community groups come together to imagine & co-design solutions that address the climate emergency.

*Highly Commended*
The Courtyard

As Herefordshire’s Centre for the Arts The Courtyard believes it must set a good example, inspiring others to follow their lead. We work hard to provide 'green leadership' in the arts, seeking a model of operation that minimises our environmental impact whilst maximising cultural opportunities for our community.

The Girl Who Wouldn't Give Up

The Girl Who Wouldn't Give Up is a storytelling and street art project inspired by an ancient Welsh legend with a message of courage, hope, and the power of speaking up.

Look Again

Look Again uses a blend of photography, mindfulness and nature to help people ‘Re-Frame the Now' and ‘Re-Vision the Future';  to improve mental health and wellbeing, build resilience in the face of uncertainty and climate change, and create the story they would like to see.

Roots and Shoots

Roots and Shoots - Nature and nurture since 1982: training young people to fulfil their potential and environmental education for all.

Sustainability and Quality Improvement at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS

Using the Culture Declares branding, the Arts team launched a quality improvement initiative at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, with forums, videos, newsletters and case studies. The public engagement approach succeeded in featuring climate change on the Trust risk register, resulting in a new Executive director level responsibility for sustainability.